Parents Information

School Times

School commences at 8.55am.

The morning session ends at 12.00 for children in Key Stage 1 and 12.30 for children in Key Stage 2.

The afternoon session commences at 12.45pm for children in Key Stage 1 and at 1.15pm for those in Key Stage 2.

School Closes at 3pm.

Teaching time: 4 hours 35 mins in Key Stage 1

                         4 hours 50 mins in Key Stage 2


Children's Safety, Parking

Obviously it is vitally important that we do our best to keep our children safe travelling to and from school. Each year we address the importance of road safety awareness in our Road Safety week. This year it will be  November 10th-14th. We also have an annual Road Safety Competition to encourage awareness. The  child with the winning entry has their name put on to a plaque we had made to remember Aidan McGlynn, one of our children who was killed crossing Harrogate Road on his way to school.

We remind children about being safe near traffic  and the need to know and use the Green Cross Code. We also remind them how important it is to be seen and would encourage Parents/Carers to remind their children to wear something reflective during the dark winter months.

For the safety of all our children the Governors request that Parents DO NOT park on the yellow lines outside our school or opposite the School entrance.

Parents are also asked not to park on the school car park or drive when collecting children and to show consideration for our neighbours by avoiding the blocking of driveways.


The Governors would like you to contact the Headteacher if anything at all worries you  about your child's educational welfare at school. The Governors firmly believe that all young people are entitled to receive the best possible education within our school. Often discussion can provide reassurance and solve problems speedily.


If you still feel concerned, then contact the Governors who will investigate your complaint.



Please click here for our Behaviour Policy and a Parents Behaviour Guide is available to download here.


First Aid and Medicines

If your child has any medical needs then please inform us in writing e.g.  if your child is asthmatic, diabetic etc.

There are now very strict guidelines that schools need to follow about the administration of medicine to children in school.

It is also vital that inhalers are available in school for children who suffer from asthma. We have noticed some of them are not up to date.

If your child has a minor accident at school, then we have trained First-Aiders to attend to him/her.

Obviously, if the accident is more serious then we would seek professional help. This may require a visit to Accident and Emergency at the local hospital.

You would be informed immediately and it is, therefore, extremely important that we have up-to-date telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers.


Homework Policy

Homework is given regularly. The amount given depends on the age of the children.

Your child's class teacher will inform you of the amount to expect and which night homework is to be given.


Parent Teacher Meetings |

Open evenings for Parents are held twice yearly but Staff are always available, by appointment, to discuss particular problems or concerns.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact your child's class teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Written reports are available towards the end of the academic year.

All Parents are welcome to attend our weekly Class Assemblies (currently each Thursday at 9am) or our School Masses.


Photographing or Filming School Events

During the School year there will be a number of School events, productions, musical concerts and sporting events etc. that parents/carers may wish to photograph or video, so that they have a memento of special moments of their child's time in school.

The School Governors have no objection to this as long as all parents are in agreement and they are not for sale under any circumstances.

If any parent does object to their child being photographed/videoed then the school would have to operate a total ban for that particular event/performance.

If you wish to voice an objection to your child being videoed/photographed, please contact the school, in writing, within 20 days of the event.